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The lectures for my games programming course started, and we've got professional developers giving us the entire course content over the course of this week. One of the things that I took out of their first day of presentation is the importance of metrics, so I went home and made a pointless FPS graph that does nothing really useful other than look super cool.
I'll probably have more soon. I think the sim concept is being rejected by my appointed team in favour of a Mario Kart-ish combat racer, but I'll try my hardest to steer (har har) it back into car bore territory.

As an attempt to pre-emptively destroy any hope of scheduling or reasonable expectations from this eventual project, I'm going to post my top wants out of this ahead of time:
  • Clean driving model -- Free of a lot of temporal aliasing and jitter, steering feels solid and tires feel grippy. I would also like to put in an entire transmission system, but I will probably have to hide it behind the scenes (autotragic) for keyboarders.
  • Upgradability -- I should be able to buy upgrades for my little car.
  • Multiple cars
  • Tile-based racetracks with an editor
Time will see how well this is pulled off, but I'm confident that I should at least be able to make a tiny buggy that will perform well.

If not, I can always use my nice new
">G25 with Live For Speed, or write my own sim. Wouldn't that be a terrifying concept? You'd get even fewer sexy screenshots and lots more boredom about differentials and gear ratios.

You would, however, get my usual inattention to detail, so play would consist entirely of
">smoking thick, thick meats while
">blowing out of apexes like a pinball with its arse on fire.
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My #1 feature for a racing game would be a decent representation of the track surface - as a curved surface rather than as a mesh. Using a mesh seems to be the main reason for an awful lot of odd handling quirks. Of course that wouldn't matter if your tracks are all flat.

I'll leave it with you; let me know when you've solved it.

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