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Its got gum all over it!

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Stephen R


Todays demo work is going to be to get started on working on the gum. The gums data is stored in a greyscale heightmap, so the first job will be loading in the heightmap and generating the grid of verts from that. Once I have the grid rendering as it should I'll pop a texture on top of it to make it looks correct. Once thats all done I'll try to get it deforming, but I'll leave that for tomorrow. I want to put aside a bit of time to work on Lua.

Anyway here's todays todo list. I've decided to pop the non-demo tasks at the bottom aswell, seperated by a line.

# Create / Load gum heightmap.
# Generate vertex grid from it.
# Render gum.
# Texture it.

# Compile Lua.
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