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An unexpected turn of events.

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Staffan E


Long time no see, dear denizens of journal land. It's been a few months since my last journal post. You may think I've been busy with other things and have had no time for game development. The case is actually the opposite.

School ate most or all of my time during September and October. I literally came home and went to sleep each day to get up and go to school again the next morning. I was really looking forward to the second part of semester when my schedule would slacken a bit.

Then, the day after my last midterm a friend calls me and asks me to join their dev team to make a game for the Swedish Game Awards (an indie competition hosted by the Royal Institute of Technology). Of course I accepted. I had never developed in a team before, and at this time I had no idea at what scale this would end up. At the time of writing our team REEP (Really Evil Empire Productions) consists of 18 people. We're 10 programmers, 7 artists and one manager.

And the game is


You'll find a lot of info if you follow the link. Briefly, SnowHard is a game that will redefine the concept of snowball fighting. You are a badass kid who gathers gang members and wages war against other gangs in a snow covered town.

A few days ago we released a public game prototype. This is the second one. Give it a try.

Some screenshots. (Click for larger versions)

The game has been in development since late summer by four members of the team, and the engine it is based upon has seen several years of development by two of our members. It is the hard work of these founding members that enable us to be where we are today.

Some of the 3rd party technology we use are:
  • Ogre3D
  • OpenAL
  • OIS
  • Lua / tolua++
And several minor components not listed here.

Up until now working on SnowHard has kept me from working on Citizen but lately I've begun to make progress with it as well. Using all the new things I've learned from working with the team, picking up on Citizen has become a lot easier. But more about that later.

Regards / Staffan
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