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Quick update

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For those of you who have been following the Memory Management article series, I'd like to make a quick update.

As I've mentioned before on my journal here, I have been diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder. Without getting into too much detail, this involves periods of my life where it is extraordinarily difficult to accomplish even routine tasks, let alone side projects like writing articles. The past several weeks have been very hard for me, especially with the holidays, and as such I have not had the capacity to do as much as I would have liked with the articles.

I would like to make an apology for the inordinate delay that has separated Part II and Part III of the series. Please rest assured that I am very much interested in the continuation and completion of the series, and I'd really enjoy seeing everyone's feedback especially on the subject matter of Parts III and IV.

As a matter of fact I specifically sat down for a couple of hours today with the intent of finishing Part III. However, I have not yet learned that it is stupid to write my articles directly in the browser; as a result, I mistakenly closed the tab that contained the draft and lost all but about a paragraph of the introduction for Part III. So I'm giving up in frustration for today, but I fully hope to finish up Part III and get it posted within the week. I will write the next draft in Notepad first and then post it [grin]

Thanks everyone for your continued interest in the series and your patience while I get back up to speed. Looking forward to getting this thing back on track.

- Mike

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Memory Management is sooooooo 1990s.

No, but seriously, best of luck with the Bipolar Disorder. I dated a girl once who had it, and she definitely struggled.

Looking forward to the rest of your articles.

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I've made the same mistake when editing online. If I can't be bothered to edit it elsewhere, I periodically copy all of the text into the clipboard. Then I just prey I haven't copied anything else when it all goes wrong!

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I have done the same an a number of occasions, and I found a nice fix :)

The latest version of Firefox can re-open tabs (History->Recently Closed Tabs->*TabName*) that even recovers text in boxes that you accidentally closed (I mass middle-click, occasionally closing posts in progress)

Hope this helps :)

- Reelix

P.S: After I typed the "x" in "Reelix", I closed this tab, then re-opened it, and all my text was still there! \o/

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