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Progress :

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Black Knight


I have done alot of work on Dark Age mainly on inventory class and items its still work in progress but I'll add it in the next release so you can play around with it.I also changed the game from turn-base strategy back to roleplaying.The main reason for this was ofcourse time.Creating AI for all the different kingdoms on the map would be much more challenging and time consuming.In a roleplaying game ill only focus on individual NPC AIs. I'll work towards a playable demo where you can loot items from killed monsters,do a few quests and explore the map.Think of it as an 3d version of nightfall.I'll add the latest revision to the site in a few weeks until then enjoy this screenshot from the starting location.

Now for some showoff.

#of source lines from my project calculated by project line counter by Jon Rista.


It works under vs2008 by putting the addin under mydocuments/visual studio 2008/addins directory and editing the version to 9.0 inside the *.addin file.

And here is my current dev env :P

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