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Just a quicky before I leave for work, so no page length entry today. [smile]

Word wrap still hasn't been implemented in the drawing code, not sure if the caret down problem I mentioned last time will be a problem at all, now that I think about it again.

Took care of the lines to be parsed problem by adding a List variable to Text of lines that needs to be parsed, though I imagine I'll be moving that to the rnfnCodeLiteData class before long.

Through some major/minor changes to the code and whatnot, the Invalidated event being sent to all instances of the control is no longer a problem. rnfnCodeLiteData now contains another event, TextChanged, that can be fired by any other class via the suitably named FireTextChangedEvent() method. Every instance of rnfnCodeLite listens in on TextChanged and performs the necessary actions, including but not limited to firing off the Invalidated event(via Invalidate(), of course).

Added TextSegment so there is no long a passing of three seperate variables to indicate one segment of text, and updated all Text methods to use it that need to use it.

Added ReplaceText method to Text so that actions such as writing in insert mode and, in the future, pasting text over highlighted text no longer require two undos to return it to its original state.

Still need to do text selection and mouse movements. May hit tonight, depending what time I work tomorrow(still haven't looked at my schedule for next week, yay me). Have to implement a few caret/mouse methods first if I do.

Thanks for reading, etc., whatnot.
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