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A Defined Project for "09" and beyond

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I spent some time really thinking about "my time" as it relates to what I can do and want to do this year. When you work a demanding day job you don't have as many hours as you think you do for hobbies. So planning for several projects within a years period is just not plausible for me. Too difficult to stay on track too much of a let down when nothing is completed.

Over the past year or so I've been working on a 2D/3D engine and trying to pull off a side scroller during that process. Truth be told, I don't mind attempting the side scroller (God knows it should be done already). Regardless, the game is not finished because it simply is boring me on all levels. Plus, I was always thinking about working on something else while attempting to work on it.

This leads into what I have always been interested in, developing a fighting game. I've had the source to games like SFRIBM Street Fighter and Moah's KOF source for ever. Dabbled with Mugen and the like and for years wanted to but never really attempted to develop my own....um, well I did try a Serious Sam TC Mod back in 01 (Don't ask).

I figure that I've also downloaded and studied every available animated fighter sprite on the known internet. Not to mention that I probably own and have played all known, unknown and obscure fighting games available to the living.

With that said, this year I'm going to start down the path of research and development for a fighter and see where I end up. This is one of my favorite game genres and something I enjoy playing which should translate into much fun "trying" to develop one.

In the past I've been going with the sheepish flow...I "thought" I wanted to attempt a first person shooter, a SHMUP, (insert next thing here multiple times)...at the end of the day I was only betraying myself. FWIW, I know a lot about how to go about making such kind of games so I tell myself but again....interest wains, progress dies and after awhile your back to square one with nothing to show for your time.

By attempting this fighting game I know all too well the uphill battle that awaits me and I'm OK with that. Many have attempted to create a fighter from scratch...only a small few have been successful imho. Luckily for me that doesn't matter as I have a feeling it's going to be more about the journey than the destination. Don't get me wrong, I want to finish the game but I'll have a blast regardless. Plus, considering the limited amount of time I have, I might as well devote it to something I'm going to want to sit down and do when time permits.

Anyway, my goals are modest at best and I plan to keep it simple. Truthfully, I really have no idea what will happen, nor the faintest ideas of where to start. In a weird way this is pretty intriguing and exciting because it means I'll have to do a lot of research. My interest should remain high as I delve more into my favorite genre.

Next to figuring out how to go about developing the engine for this and the type of data structures and algorithms I will need. I'm probably most excited about the art work and developing the character animations...that will be something to see.

Another plus is this being the beginning of a new year. How much can I accomplish in a year in my spare time? Time will tell.

But you gotta love this journal though. No matter what happens, I'll be able to record all my research, ideas, links and files in one location (Just in case I stop and start over again in a year or two hahaha..J/K.)

Now I kind of feel like my journal finally has it's raison d'etre or at least justification for all those charges on my credit card!

Should be fun though. Stay tuned.

....Oh did I not mention?....but of course. The game will be 2D :)
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