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Some big updates here, people. Let's get right into it.


I spent a lot of time last night pulling out the guts of Afterglow's projectile system, swearing at my own ineptitude and working out a bunch of functionality in order to have it so that you can now kill NPCs and receive experience for their horrible deaths.

I decided against implementing the flags system for now, because I suspect that it will lead to a bunch of singletonitis if I just do it the way I did in Glow. I'll work on it some more.

Next may very well be corpses and gibs. I've got an idea for gibs but it might not be technically feasible.


I spent today working on the start of the rendering engine for my games class project; I've now got a white triangle rendering.

Nothing particularly special is happening yet on that side. Since I haven't discussed a game name with my group yet, I'm going to call it Racist for now. That might get changed later. In fact, it probably will.
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