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I've still not done any more to my next tutorial I'm afraid. Had a milestone at work due on Friday, and I was working till 9pm on Wednesday, 11pm on Thursday, then going to Edinburgh to see my girlfriend on Friday -> Sunday. However, we've got a couple of weeks till the next milestone (wow :P), so this week at least should be slightly less chaotic, and I'm aiming to get the second one done by Friday, and possibly the first one edited to be a bit more friendly.

In other news, I was busy on Sunday and realised I wasn't going to make the bus (The last bus from Edinburgh I can get is at 16:30 in order to get to Glasgow before the subway closes, or I have to pay GBP12 - GBP15 for a taxi), so I decided to just head through in the morning. The bus usually takes about 75 - 90 minutes, and there was one due at 7:45am, which was due in at 9:00am. So I thought I could get that one, since it only takes me 10 mins to walk to work.
So of course the bus finally rolled in at around 9:45am. Sodding M8 traffic. That'll be fun when I'm commuting next month :(
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