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so sad...

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Have no been able to update since my computer has completly died on me. Even after reformating it, it either freezes during windows install, or gives me a blue screen error about some Pager error on non pager object or something.

I'v already starting work on a new computer that should be faster and hopefuly work for more than 4 months....

Hopefuly after I will be back and active in a month. The compute im on is old but still good enough for me to do some work on so soon ill update to Stage 2, and be posting some screenies of my prototype.

Till next time!
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Bad power supply perhaps? Maybe a bad motherboard? That, and it never hurts to double check spacers between the mobo and case.

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Might be my mobo or hard drive, Im using an AMD cpu and ATI video card, building a new work computer using an Intel CPU, Core 2 Duo 3.0GHZ and an ATI video card, Radeon 3870.

My old computer worked good for 3 months but then started crashing at random, before it died it was at the point of rebooting 2 min into startup. BIOS IS ALL MESTED UP! When I updated them I saw that a few blocks did not get written too, ex: |||||| ||||||||||| <- | is written too block and there was agap in it at the end of bios update. Even resetting bios by removing the watch batter would not reset my bios to the default build. So in a year or so when more stuff comes out for AMD, ill fix that computer with a new mobo and a new gfx and have 2 work computers going.

Just sad that it died on me so quickly. :(

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