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Sanctimonious busy programming me

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First off, here's my guide to Marital Infidelity For Smart People(tm)

1. Decide that you wanna cheat on your wife.

2. Agonize about the "dump wife" versus "cheat on wife" decision for a while. Insist that it's being done out of enormous love for yourself. . .I mean your wife.

3. Reveal to your lucky lucky LUCKY wife that you've decided not to dump her, but you've instead decided to cheat on her.

4. Reveal this to the world in your blog.

5. If anyone points out that that's a pretty scumbag move, telling your wife that you're giving her the gift of marital infidelity rather than divorce, invent a new yet-unseen neurosis and give an official-sounding name like "Remote Diagnosis Disorder" (rather than "Don't You Judge Me"), and apply it to all who say so.

I'm not usually one to use peoples' names as adjectives, but that's a pretty L Ron Hubbard move there, coming up with ad-hoc neuroses, giving 'em official-sounding names, then applying 'em to your detractors. He even went the Hubbard route of giving the disease an acronym (RDD).

You stay classy, Steve. And remember,
">if you open your mind too much, your brain will fall out.

(I think the funniest thing about that song is that it's a single two-minute-long sentence)

On an utterly unrelated note, I'm still working on Pop Pies 2. I have about three projects that are about two weeks from getting pushed out the door. Unfortunately I'm only one person so I gotta work on 'em serially. Basically the projects are. . .

Pop Pies 2 - about halfway done. I wanna make it really compelling so Facebook people will spend lots of time challenging their pals to games.

Duck Tiles 2 - this one's pretty simple. Just Duck Tiles 1 with different levels. Duck Tiles is about as refined as it's gonna get, so there's not much call for improvement to the mechanism. I learned that with Bulldozer. People don't much care about how it looks. They just want more levels.

Retro Pack - this thing is compiled and works fine. I just need to convert all the HLP to CHM and write an install program. I converted all the HLP files to DOC format and found an appalling number of spelling and grammar mistakes, so I'm gonna make new CHM files manually rather than going some kind of automated CHM2HLP route.

And I gotta write some book and product reviews. And the Gamedev books are gonna be hitting the shelves in a month or two.

Should be fun!
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I knew you'd be making a comment if I linked to Steve Pavlina's blog in my journal. [grin]

I toned down some of the more judgemental adjectives I had in my initial version of my post, but I had two observations of Steve's latest direction:
  1. Isn't it convenient that Steve's path for higher conscious living just happens to overlap with his base desires? I guess "Personal Development for Smart People" is a bit catchier than "Doing Whatever The Hell You Feel Like".
  2. Steve Pavlina is getting scarily close to fitting the mould of a cult leader. He's got the whole higher philosophy thing, he's been experimenting with diets in 2008, and he's got the "I'm always right" attitude. Now he's effectively building up a harem under the pretext of "spreading the love". I honestly would not be surprised if he decided to set up a commune in the next few years.

The really disturbing thing for me is that some of the early articles Steve Pavlina wrote, back when he was Dexterity Software, were part of the impetus I had for deciding to strike it out alone. Merely days after I make the first confident step into the unknown, declaring to the world "I'm going to be an indie develoepr", I find out that someone who I should classify as a mentor has gone loopy. Talk about a downer.

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It's okay. You still got me.

One bonus. If you follow me, you can eat whatever you want and can sleep more than 3 hours at a stretch.

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Original post by Trapper Zoid
Wait, that came out all wrong...
Not yet, it hasn't.

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