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Hello. This is introductory post about game, which Im writing already around 3 years. This is slow realtime continuous (so, game plays even when you're sleep) mass multiplayer online space strategy game. This game resembles "Stars!" popular in closed circle of people.

Screenshots you may see here.

Starmap view:

Ship designing:

Current game client here.

There is also a tutorial, however comments (frankly, as all web site) on russian language, but game itself on english, I hope. This all is during the developing stage only, it's planned to be multilingual.

Currently Im trying to keep game server running 24/7. Passwords for login to test the client: test/test; psam/123qwe.

Welcome :)
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Nice, looks cool. Is it written in OpenGL or DirectX? Also before I get out of hind and ask all sorts of questions, i'll like to say, welcome to the journals!

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Well.. First of all, thank you. First comments and already positive. :)

This game is Ogre based, so there you may choose which graphics API to use, DirectX or OpenGL.. Currenly works with both but now only under windows.

Any porting jobs is possible (Im writing multiplatform code from the beginning), however postponed due to well known reason. I choosed Ogre because of highly portability reason - Im interested in Linux & Mac.

Currently Im searching for partners who could help me to finish the game, especially artists - graphics in the game is far far from completeness.

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looks good man! i like this space stuff, master of orion and others. keep on great job!

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