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GameMonkey Tutorials

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So I started work on some GameMonkey tutorial articles for my site. I've been working on my site recently, adding online article editing facilities so I can crank decently formatted articles using a wiki style syntax system. Still a few tweaks to be made and a few hundred more additions, but you can see the basics here.

Now that I'll have a CMS system up soon I thought it'd be nice to share something with the community. I plan on writing several articles on GameMonkey script, SpiderMonkey (javascript) and web development in general. Right now I'll run with the GameMonkey scripting series as there's not much around on this nice little language. I've promised a few people that I'll write some stuff on SpiderMonkey, so I'll honor that promise in due time. At least my CMS system allows me to get stuff up in a reasonable format.

Does anyone have any requests for SpiderMonkey/GameMonkey/Web Development tutorials they'd like to see?
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