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E2 Update

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I made a short video showcasing the first two somewhat-finished enemies for my game. Pathfinding is not done yet, and there's no sound in the video :S


Other than that, this last semester (which is my last, then I get my degree!) has been reasonably easy on me, so I'm getting a bit more work done on my projects. See the E2 Todo link at the top of the journal to view my progress :)

I plan on having a Demo 1 which should meet the requirements of showing off all non-enemy/AI features, and being ready for serious level design.
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I like the use of the arc of red to show you which direction you took damage from. One suggestion would be to make the reticule of the sniper larger. At the moment it looks more like a homing bullet than a targeting system.

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Interesting, I had already made it larger, but I think I'll stop there. When viewed at actual size/full screen it is a bit more clear that it's a targeting laser. The video makes it difficult to see that... :\

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