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It's About Time

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Howdy, Pilgrims! I figured it's about time that I start taking advantage of my membership, so why not actually use my journal, eh? I also started up a website with my webspace here on Game Dev. It is called Managed World and will contain all sorts of article and series on game development with managed code (using C#). As many of you may or may not know, I have already started a series of articles over on my blog. The problem that I've been having though is that a blogging engine isn't really that conducive to building a game development site. I'm hoping that by moving the articles over here (where I spend most of my game development surfing time anyways), that the solution will be more scalable and customizable.

I'm hoping that over the years I can write a lot of interesting stuff that you can't really find in other places today. Most of the articles that you can find on managed game programming today on the internet usually are just about initializing a direct3d device, or creating a vertex buffer. Well, what kind of fun is that? I'm personally more interested in the process of building a game using the technology, not the low-level how-to's of the technology itself. So, expect to see articles focusing more on architecture and such when it comes to developing a game as a whole.

There probably won't be many updates here while I try to get Managed World off the ground. Stay tuned!

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