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...Still no resolution

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The frustration continues...

So last night I get my new hd and I install it with all the joy that comes with being optimistic. I mean hell, what could go wrong?

Unbelievable, the same friggin problem! So here I am almost down six days and I have not gotten a resolution yet. Luckily for the Support team I am sick with a cold atm so who knows how much I might have gotten done this week anyway.

To make a long rant short because I could rant for pages about the wasted hours on the phone regarding this $hit. Dell is supposed to send me out a friggin resource DVD that will reinstall the image that was um supposed to be on the damn hd already.

Luckily I have a notebook to use at home to continue research for my game but I really prefer using my desktop. I cant wait until this is finally resolved.
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I've had bad days like that... I've kicked my computer a few times, didn't really help. lol :P

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