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Weekly Sitrep

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Still Recovering

Since the failure of my hard drive this past weekend I've been a bit on the fritz, so nothing major in the way of updates this week. I got my replacement drive yesterday and I'm still in the process of reinstalling apps and tweaking settings and getting everything just right. Ugh that's the worst part about reinstalling a system - getting it back to the way it was before. Luckily I still have all my data thanks to Mozy.com. $4.95/mo for total security. I can't stress enough having backups; My hard drive failure was sudden and final, not a slow gradual death predicted by SMART status. I don't want to even imagine the state I would be in right now (mentally) if I had no backups.

V5 moving apace

I know superpig has been rather quiet of late over at his blog, but rest assured it's only cause he's too busy working on the new site to post anything. While Richard continues to work on the code and backend, Seyi has been busy mocking up the new front page, which will be much more interactive and customizable, as well as highlighting some site elements currently not getting front billing at top of the page. I'm brainstorming new ideas, like ways to utilize twitter, and driving Richard up (and through) the wall with cool new stuff that he can't say no to cause it's cool but just adds another item to the ever-expanding ToDo list [smile] I expect to have some sort of feature pruning session sometime down the road - though if that never happens I'll be happy happy happy! (and you will be too)

Speaking of new sites, congrats to the GarageGames folk for launching theirs yesterday!

New Resources

  • Advanced 2D Game Development - We review Jonathan Harbour's latest book on advanced 2D development in C++.

  • Programming Vertex, Geometry, and Pixel Shaders - This book, published for free to the GDWiki, covers DirectX 10 techniques and is intended for DX 8 & 9 users to upgrade their knowledge. The authors are open to comments and suggestions as the prep the DirectX 11 print-only version
New Events
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