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Short gameplay description

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I decided to put some gameplay descriptions, what is currently working, and what is planning.

Game is from classic 4x genre, "eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate", however these days there is no so much strategy game like Master Of Orion. Currently box-office hit genre games monopolize the market: this is MMORPGs and shooters. I heavily missed kind old days, when games asked for brain, not for reaction mixed with boredom. So, I decided to make the strategy game I want.

I have to accent that this is not the "Dream Game" where people usually put everything possible to simulate the world up to the very unnecessary details. I'm properly estimating my possibilities - I decided to deploy the game on stages, with minimum playable features on the first one.

So, Im presenting now the first release of "Tachyon Wars". Gameplay, as I call it, closed, i.e. this is fully playable demo. Currenly it is possible to:

  • Develop & colonize new planets
  • Research science
  • Design new ships from hull and modules
  • Build, fly with ships, load/unload cargo
  • Research another stars + fog of war
  • Automatic fleet battles, and even it's possible block the enemy colonies (they're stopping making research and build ships)

  • What is planning:
  • Chat, Voice chat
  • 3D battles preview
  • Empire control windows, statistics & so on
  • Trading

  • Game hugely lacks of good artists who could help me to make GUI, all icons for science & ship modules & so on. But not only graphics, I need to develop web site with game party management functionality; music. And another good C++ programmer could be very helpful.

    Frankly, beta testing is also needed :) Don't hesitate to download the client from the link below and test it on 'sand-box' server - game speed there currently 100 times faster than normal. If you will need some personal account - contact me somehow. It is also possible to start dedicated party with normal game speed to play in and feel the full scale game.

    Im continuously developing the game at free time, for example yesterday I fixed some battle field issue, when ships didn't want to fly directly to each other but doubtfully prefered the center of the field. Now it's working. However, in compare to 'graphics effect' based games, the work result is not displayable and battle field screen still looks like this:


    Catch up, guys, Im planning to be here for a long. :)
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