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2D Maze Game Update!

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I was going to update my journal once I got my collision and mapping done but I choose to wait until I had some worth talking about. So far the maps all draw out and also I have collision based on the map system. It will check for collision with a ghost I made to see the result and if it's alright to move then it will allow you to. I'm glad I got all that done, the hard part is now over!

So I took out my drawing pad and did some poor graphics so I would have something to show. I'm not going to put time into the art work for this small project, the Maze Game that is. I will be working on another project soon because the skills I have learned will allow me to make an adventure game.

Here is a quick screen shot.


I'm glad I've been able to get this far! This has been something I've been wanting to do ever since I start programming. I wasn't able to settle for Game Maker or someone's engine, so I'm glad I've not given up on programming when all I could do was write "Hello World".

I'll be working on my other project very soon. Not yet, but soon!
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Looking good man! Keep up the good work!

Download Fraps and record your game play testing. It's always satisfying to show it on something like youtube or something so the rest of us can see.

Good luck!

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I got Camtasia so I could record my progress when I had something to show. I'm going to add in a few more things and make the video and put it on my next update.

Thanks for the comment. :)

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