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You'll never work now. You have space for watching YouTube, multiple must-have retro games via eBay auctions, a flash game, GameDev forums, and e-mail. I'd say that leaves half a screen for an IDE :-)

I would like a triple monitor setup, but am waiting for those ultra low-power LED backlight screens to become more available and affordable.

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Very nice setup! I've always wanted a triple or at least a duel monitor setup.

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Nice setup, though it seems to me like your screens are a bit on the low side. I like to ensure that the top of my screen is level with my eyes, so I don't lean forward to lower myself.

I'm going to pick up a second monitor myself. I can't do triple since my iMac will only drive one external monitor. [sad]

Congrats. Now get to work! [smile]

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Hey where did you get that desktop background? And does it come in 3 2560x1600 screens?

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Wow... really looks cool... I tried to set up a 3 monitor desktop but failed due to my old motherboard not supporting 2 graphic cards. I then bought 2 26" wide screen monitors (1920x1200 pixels)... today I changed my motherboard and thought about buying a second GFX card... and then I realized that i couldn't fit a 3rd monitor on my desk LOL


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I got the background from digitalblasphemy.com he has a lot of really cool backgrounds for dual, triple, single, and iPhone, Zune, etc. Oh, and yes, it does come in 7680 x 1600 :D


I have contemplated getting a fourth monitor now that I have the option, but four 22" Monitors may be a bit much...

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4 monitors?????

Weak :P

Dammit I promised myself never to visit that site ever again *goes to get towel to clean up drool*

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Seeing that setup makes me realize that I could do four monitors down and two monitors up (like his, but flipped). The two up could be connected to either a third video card or to a Mac :P

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