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2D Engine - Getting To Work!

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So I've worked a bit on that Maze game yesterday, then put up a video. Now I'm going to be working on the 2D Game Engine, which will be a 2D Tile based Engine. I've just finished coding a debug function for the engine which will write any load issues, errors, ect... So I can check them at a later time. Right now I'm making the Engine run at 800 x 600, the game viewable screen will be located at 0, 12 which will be 800 x 576 working with 32 x 32 tiles. I will be programming an inventory system for this Engine today along with many other features. It's not going to take long to get all of this working today, it's just I will be switching API's very soon, once my books come in and I've read through them. This doesn't mean I will stop working on this Engine. I'm going to finish this Engine in the current API that I'm using and on top of that I'm going to be working on a free roaming 2D Engine in the other API, which might not even go into development for who knows how long.

So far everything is working great, I just need to setup some test maps and get the rest done. Collision will be extremely easy since I've done this before when making my 2D Maze Game. Time to get my coffee and get working!

I will be making a video sometime next week, maybe Tuesday on my progress. I have to study this weekend for an exam, which I'm taking on Monday so I wont have a lot of time this weekend to program.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Back to work for me.
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I can't see it mentioned in earlier posts, so I apologize if it is, but would you mind telling us what books you ordered? It's always interesting to know what learning materials people use.

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I ordered Focus on SDL in order to learn the SDL API. I was going to get the Red Book for OpenGL, but a new version is coming out in September. I also got C++ Primer Plus, Fifth Edition. I've read that book before but I only have the fourth edition. I'm currently using Allegro and I'm writing the Engine based on that. I learned Allegro just by reading the manual online and sitting down for a few hours trying out what everything does. To be honest, other then a few books here and there I prefer to learn by doing while reading reference books, even if it takes hours to figure out something. When I started learning C++ I learned from C++ Primer Plus and countless online resources, along with hours of trying out everything I could.

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