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Continuing Lua and New Avatar

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Jason Z


Lua Programming Gems

I've been continuing my investigation into Lua, and have actually ordered another Lua book: Lua Programming Gems. It appears to have some game specific chapters, as well as a good spread of other topics that I think will be interesting.

I'm finding that the key issue in adding scripting support to my engine is to decide where the actual data will reside - either in c++ or in lua. More and more I am leaning towards having the vast majority of the data reside in c++ for performance reasons, and then simply access the data through the lua interface as needed. Only time will tell if this is the right direction to go, but it should work out ok. The next challenge is to define a good interface for object oriented hierarchies that don't actually need an object oriented hierarchy in lua...

New Avatar

I lost my old avatar due to not renewing my GDNet+ membership in time, so I created a quick new one based on an ambient occlusion buffer output from a while back. Here it is in all of its 50x50 glory:

The contrast is horrible for such a small image, but it will have to do until I find something more appropriate...
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Sometimes the GDNet staff can resurrect your old avatars from backups if you ask them.

If not, I found this image via Google Image search:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Thanks for the tips!

I may or may not keep that old avatar, but it's nice to have the option anyways. I'm not sure why it gets lost in the first place... None of my webspace files get lost under the same circumstances...

Anyhow, thanks again!

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