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...haven't forgotten about the trials

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Quick update: I haven't forgotten about trialling all that drawing software. I've got stuck on some other work right now, and it's been sucking away my time and energy. I should get this latest batch done over the weekend, and I'll be reviewing software next week.
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Mmmm. Vector pies.

I could probably manage a pie, but I'm not sure about a clown. I left my skills outside while I was writing up my thesis, and they've gone rusty. I need a few weeks to refresh them.

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It's nothing a little polyphasic polyamorous polypropylene polyunsaturated pollywannacracker behavior won't fix.

And eat some raw potatoes. They're only mildly toxic when eaten raw.

And eat a raw eggplant. Then draw some pies and write twelve pages about it.

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