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Video Demo for the Engine and Map Editor

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Hello everyone. I spent a lot of hours last night working on getting my Map Editor workable so I could make a video on how it works along with my 2D Engine. I have a basic setup for the Map Editor and it isn't all fancy with flashy menus and cool looking text, but it works. I also spent some time working on the Engine so I could load my maps that I made. I still need to add a lot in the Engine to detect different maps and when to draw each map, this will be added in when I make put in map scrolling. The Map Editor still needs a menu and a lot more features, for now it will auto save when you close it, which works for now. I also forgot to show that I added a grid view in the Map Editor. When you press F1 it will display, however it doesn't really matter because you're placing tiles using the keyboard, not the mouse.

You can watch the video demo here:


I'm planning to add map scrolling in the Engine next. I also plan on finishing the menu for the Map Editor. I wont have a lot of time to program this weekend because I need to study. I have a lot of features I would like to add to this Engine.
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Nice update and video :)

Are are you using to capture your whole desktop? Jinq or something like snag it?

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