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animation, digital painting

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I should be doing animations right now. Sorry J.

It's like some animations are extremely easy -- fire, fireballs, explosions, exploding fireballs, bolts of energy, exploding bursts of energy. You see a theme here.

Others are hard; I mean those more subtle ones that have to loop and portray a more abstract theme. Without exploding.

I somehow got good at making very small digital paintings. Take that pixel art formalism!

Digital Painting

These are a personal project. I guess this is what I've been doing "to relax", if that's possible.

Roman-ish general (sorry, legatus), dwarven soldier, half-elf mage.

Hmm; I never draw people smiling.

Edit: I intended to include this, but missed it the first time around.
I was digging through some dumps off my old hard drive and found this partially-finished 'epic landscape' painting for the background for a Master of Magic-like game from a year ago. It's interesting how far I've come yet how much I've stayed the same.

Somehow I never like letting a picture get away with being unambiguous Romantic Heroism; I feel compelled to put something in there that undermines the glorification of the sheer exercise of incredible power which is the thematic content of much fantasy art. In this case, these poor bastard foot-soldiers are coming home to see their homes destroyed by a magical eruption of some kind. In a world like that of Master of Magic, those great dueling wizards would just be causing a lot of problems for people trying to get on with life. This can suggest game mechanics more interesting than generic Civilization-style "unrest", I think.

Edit 2: Here's my palette (saved as jpg, so it isn't pixel-perfect, but I'm just showing it for fun anyway):

And I had this plan to shift my schedule back onto that used by regular human beings, eg. being awake during the day, but I kind of relapsed. So it goes.
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Is that dwarf wearing glasses/goggles? I don't think I've ever seen a dwarf with glasses. Gnomes, maybe, but never a dwarf...

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What's your animation process? I'm split between Pencil and Flash with paintovers for each sprite (ie, have Flash render a frame sequence)... Any suggestions?

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nerd_boy: Oh yes, glasses. Dwarves can be near-sighted like anybody else. (The real reason is that the character is meant to be something of a scholar as well as a soldier.)

Oluseyi: I do it all in Photoshop, only Photoshop. It's sub-optimal in many respects for doing animation, but I deal. Not a useful recommendation, I know.

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