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OSDev Series: Chapter 19

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OSDev Series: Chapter 19

Chapter 19 has been released. There is no demo yet, but it should be released within a day or two (hopefully). It covers:
  • Keyboard History
  • Keyboard Layout
  • Keyboard Protocols
  • Keyboard Encoder
  • Keyboard Controller
  • Scan Code Sets
  • Keyboard IO Port mapping; Commands; Interfacing
  • Keyboard IRQ
The demo is also the first interactive demo in the series. It uses the new keyboard driver developed in this chapter to interface with the user through a Command Line Interface (CLI).

Chapter 19: Keyboard Programming
OSDev Series Base Site

As always, any input is always appreciated [smile]
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Recommended Comments


Very excited to hear about MicroOS!

Any idea of what the gfx/snd API might look like?
What range of hardware will it run on? (arm?)

(Sorry if I could glean such things from reading the info pages - will do that when a chunk of time arrives. In that case, you needn't bother with a response.)

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Are these questions related to the series or my real system?

If the series:

1) No idea :) Im uncertain if I will go over those do to portability issues and the complexity of both topics;
2) All i86-32 bit compatible processors

If my real system:

1) The drivers will be implemented as multiple layers that interfaces with the systems graphical and audio sub systems. These sub systems provide a more abstract and portable way of working with graphics, audio, windowing systems, etc.
2) Hopefully all. That is, I am designing and writing the software in a very modular way using C++ and its OOP features. I am hoping the use of abstract classes and methods can aid in portability for different implementations for different architectures that can be selected at preprocessor time. The Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), being loaded dynamically I am hoping can help aid portability across PIC/APIC systems, single-core, SMP systems; and other motherboard-dependent architecture features.

My primary goal is portability [smile]

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Sounds great.
Are you planning to publish this series in print? I'd buy a reasonably priced copy.

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Terrific info, horrible spelling.

I suggest doing a Ctrl+H on the following..
nvirement -> nvironment
ptomiz -> ptimiz
eperate -> eparate
xactally -> xactly
efrence -> eference

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