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2D Engine Is Gone!

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I'm kinda pissed off right now because my entire source code for the engine is gone. I had left my file open today and some how my IDE got all messed up and my source code was corrupted. I've never heard of this happening and I'm going to assume it might have something to do with my computer slowly dieing on me. There are no traces of spyware, virus and my network has three keys required to connect. Now all of a sudden my my source isn't usable. I had tried System Restore to make an attempt to obtain those files again but instead of being corrupted my files were gone. My editor source is still there, however it's useless without the engine.

Normally this wouldn't be a problem because I backup everything, however I was one day away from receiving my new backup storage device. Then this all happened.

I guess there is no point in complaining about what happened and just move on. I might have lost my source code, but I didn't loose the knowledge I obtained from writing the engine.

I'm off to get started on another game engine. I did receive my other books so I might change API's now, I'm not sure. Right now I'm going to get working on plans to design my new engine. I'll figure out what API I'm going to use later. I'll have some updates on the new engine with a week or two, however since this is going to be a project I intend to make a full game with, a lot of work is going to be put into this engine, along with backups for every change to the engine.

I was really looking forward to finishing this engine with the map editor and releasing it to you all, sadly this will not happen.
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Awww man im sorry to hear that, it really does suck, i was looking forward to your progress!!

However its not the end of the world, at least now you have a fresh start and can use what you learned in making the other engine to make this engine cleaner and better!

Good luck man!

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Hey again.

Since I'm working on a full game which will be based on this engine, I will be getting all of the art work done first, even if it's all temporary so I can program everything in one run and start working on level design as soon as possible. Then I will draw out each level on paper and have my basic plan ready, then program the engine based on what I need to do and get to work.

So I wont have any updates for awhile, but when I do there will be a lot more to see then just a test demo.

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Oh man thats a huge pain. Hopefully you'll be able to get back on your feet and forge ahead. Here's wishing you good luck!

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