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VSK and other stuff

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I'm still working on the review of Visual Sidekick but it will be late (this night hopefully). Basically, it's due to several things coming all together:

1. I've re-installed my computer. My new motherboard with the 8 GB Ram has arrived and I was eager to set it up. Due to the motherboard change and the additional RAM I had to re-install my entire OS + Dev Tools. So now I've running Vista Ultimate x64.

My current working machine setup:

Motherboard: Gigabyte EP45-DQ6
CPU: Intel Q9550 (4x2.83Ghz)
Memory: OCZ PC8500 Platinum 2x4Gb kit => 8Gb
HDD: 1x 80Gb Sata, 1x 500 Gb Sata, 1x 250Gb Sata, 1x250Gb USB2
CD-Drive: 1x DVD Burner LG GSA-H10N
GFX: 1xNvidia 8800 GTX
Monitors: 2x Proview 26" TFT (1920x1200)
Mouse: Habu Razor
Keyboard: Cheap flat Logitech UltraX Premium
Printer/Scanner: Epson Stylus DX5000
Sound: onboard + Logitech Z4

2. My VPS got nuts after I updated the MySQL 4.1 to MySQL 5.1. DirectAdmin didn't recognize the new SQL and could not connect. Still working on that but I fear that not only the DB are corrupted but I made a mistake somewhere and the DB backups are gone...

3. Heavy workload from my customers.

4. I'm trying to help out DevExpress to handle code bases with high LOC and file number. Fetching together some numbers and stats. Hopefully this will lead to a better performing (memory consumption) Coderush and Refactor!

So... please keep coming back... the Visual Sidekick review is just around the corner ;)

Have fun,
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