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New menu background

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I've just seen Milkshake's post with a [once again] great shot.
So I thought it is time to show my new main menu background:

I made it a few days ago using a screenshot of the game and the TiltShiftMaker web site. The effect is exaggerated but not bad. The effect is working well because of the viewpoint I am using. On the website, you can find some really good samples and here too.

Have a nice day !
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I love the miniature look you get from tiltshift - I'm still trying to work out how to get that look in-engine ... can't quite put my finger on what I'm missing.

And congratulations on your impending arrival. Our third arrived a week or so back ... goodbye sleep!

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Hey looks great! [smile] I hadn't checked out your journal in a while, and just at a first glance, the latest screenshots look amazing!

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