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Hello again!

Thanks for all the positive feedback on my last post. I am sorry to say that the planned release had to be postponed. I found new bugs that had to be taken care of. One bug was with my rendering routine (well I thought) but it turned out to be a driver bug. I updated my graphic drivers and the bug disappeared. Well, that was a week or so with wasted development time. Another bug was with my message/log routine for errors. I didn't like using windows standard message boxes to display them. It was buggy (they'd show up at the wrong time) and they weren't very friendly. I have now devised a new system with my own log window popping up instead. It will catch any errors the last frame and paste the error log into an edit box. The context of the box can be copied and pasted. I like the idea of knowing of errors when they occur instead of writing them into a log file somewhere.

On the brighter side of things I have started to design my game in a small scale. As I have mentioned in my previous posts it will be an action-puzzle in a science fiction setting. I like to think about it as a mix between D/Generation and Paradroid. My place holder graphics up to this date has not reflected in any way the graphics that are going to be used in this game, well apart from them both being isometric. I am quite excited about this project as I previously never designed a large scale single player game (have only been involved with multiplayer games). I will look forward to not being constrained with networking problems, missing packages etc. :-)
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D/Generation and Paradroid together would be awesome! Do you forsee any problems trying to design the D/Generation style puzzles given at any point, the player could have control of an avatar with different capabilities/strengths (Paradroid)?

Or do you have a different idea for mixing them together?

Either way, I'm looking forward to playing it =)

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Looking forward as well! Game design is an iterative process so it would be great if you posted as you think up or implement new stuff, I'm sure I'm not the only one interested [smile]

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