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I'll learn me shaders

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Stephen R


I spent all of today so far working on the vertex shader test app. I got all the preliminary stuff done, like loading in my height map and generating the vertex and index buffers. That wasn't hard, just a case of getting it done. Then I moved on to the shader code. I didn't get very far with it though. I've never used shaders before so all of the relevant dx classes are completely new to me. It'll probably take me a few days to get this app done, between learning how to write the shader and learning how to use it. Once its done it should just be a case of copying and pasting into the code into Blind.

I didn't compile Lua today, but I did come across Squirrel while I was trawling through the Scripting forum. It looks very impressive, I'll check it out once this scene is finished in Blind.

One thing that I've realized while making Blind is how much I like making games and game related software. I'm enjoying doing Blind and I will get it finished, but I'm looking forward to getting back down to games when this is done.
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