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long time, no post

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Well, classes have begun for me, and there have been some interesting things that have happened. I am taking 3 courses of CS this term, Computer Organization, Principles of Programming Languages, and Object Oriented 3d API.
For my comp org class, I just finished my first assignment, which was supposed to be a trivial entrance into MIPS assembly. Although the instructor didn't really explain anything other than add and sub, we were supposed to create a program that prompted for input, used those numbers to compute a formula, and then print the result. The main issue that I had, was that output modes are specific whether it was a string or a number. That and while I was home, my parents' net connection was so slow that I couldn't type in an ssh terminal without feeling like I was logging onto the system using a 486. My OO3d class seems to be fairly cool, although it is in Java3d, so I guess Java will be my high level language for the term, but the teacher is really cool, and he also really knows what he is talking about. I went through a simple walkthrough of a premade Java3d program, and saw the structure, and what a SimpleUniverse was, somewhat and a few of the other classes in that API. Programming languages seems cool, we will be studying how programming languages work using Scheme and ML.. neither of which I know, so that will be interesting, hopefully I will have time to make more posts and such, but I have my doubts.
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