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Fathom This

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I am either too much of a loser or just too dumb too code anything else (or both), so I have been working on an emulator for a VIRTUAL cpu that I made up. It is extremely simple. It has a 8-bit wide data bus and a 16-bit wide address bus. It is based off of the virtual CHIP-8 (without the game aspects) and the infamous Z80.

Yes, this is 100% useless..but I have my reasons. Anyways, I have completed the majority of the instruction set. Including basic math ops, control flow, and bit manipulation. There are no interrupts or input/output instructions as of yet. Also almost all of the instructions act on 8-bit data and there are no 16 bit registers, that is something that still needs to be worked on. There are 16 8-bit registers, R0-RF.

The reason for this project is to setup an enviroment, though its virtual, that will allow me to work on Operating System concepts on a very simple 8-bit system.. and to hold me over until my AVR that I ordered gets here.

I will probably finish the instruction set, add some 16-bit registers, and then have the emulator hook any JMPs to locations in the first sector of memory, as to simulate a BIOS call. That way I can get started working on some OS stuff.. or what will more likely happen: rewrite the emulator after I find all the nasty stuff.

Can you say useless? :)
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I know we all have our pet projects, but I was wondering if you might be interested in developing a 32b SoC based on the ARMV4. I've been considering using an FPGA softcore - opencores.org has a few (aeMB, openFire, "arm core", ZPU) - along with some on-chip memory and controllers. I'd be interested to know what you think of such a notion.

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