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I have started working my way through Shaders for Game Programmers and Artists. I am on chapter 6. I have to say I like this book. There are some errors in it where the printed shader code from the book doesn't match up with the ones on the CD. He also references some samples on the CD that are numerically incorrect during his explanations. But I have managed to recognise the problems and have learned a lot about shaders. I am also now much better at using ATI's RenderMonkey which I can now see for the awsome utility it is!

I have been working on my engine again. The renderer is pretty functional and I have nearly finished the user input module which was mostly code I had before reworked to fit this design. There is only so many ways you can jig Direct Input...

Been strange at work. I got confirmation of my new post and handed in my resignation notice (this turned out to be a real non-event. Hand in a letter and go back to work - still what was I expecting?) I leave here in three weeks. They have already advertised for my successor.
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This is Sebastien St-Laurent, the author of Shaders for Game Programmer and artists. Glad to see you like my book. I would apreciate if you could leave a review on amazon. :)

Erors do slip by and this is unfortunate. However, feel free to email me a list of the issues you have found to sebastien.st.laurent@gmail.com and i will make sure that the fixes get included in the next edition.

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