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My first demo

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I'm posting the first demo (about 1.5 years old) I've ever created using OpenGL. Not only is it my first demo but it took me a bout 2 months to code (and it shows).
While I'm not that impressed with it, I am proud of my accomplishment. Looking back on this code there are so many things I wish I had done. Oh well ... enjoy. You can download the program HERE. Source is included.

Its a small falling style game. Stuff falls, you try to get it in order, if you do you score
points. How original eh?

I had some help with the modeling of the landscape by Zack Weiler of
Blindman Imagery. We used Photoshop for the textures. We take 3D Studio ASE files and import them into a format that I could read easily.

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those stones are 1337 , cool demo

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