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Welcome to my world

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Well seeing how I paid for this feature I might as well make use of it, so what better way to start off than with a life story.

So who am I? Well if you're planning on developing a game that will compete with one of mine, I will be your worst nightmare, unless you affiliate with me, then I'll just be a good nightmare.

Currently my name is Cody Hollis-Perdue, and I am of 19 years of age attending the University of Alberta majoring in Computing science(2nd year). I enjoy long periods of sitting on the beach with a laptop with a C compiler. I am not single.

What brought me to this point today? Well it all started with playing games(and yelling and screaming and the likes). Being fustrated with a certain game, I looked into options on making it easier for me, and came across gamehacking. Well I tell you, playing a game is one thing, but when it comes down to looking at assembly opcodes in the morning, lemme tell you. As fustrating as gamehacking was, it had a strange effect on me. Having the control over the way the program worked got me addicted to the control, and I started just hacking games for the state of fustration, I enjoyed it. This was back in my 12th year of high school, so I said, hey why not try my hand at my own game. Pulling out my TI-83+ I created my first real game The Quest For Redundancy Quest: The Quest for Redundancy, which spread through my high school like a disease, mods were made, it was spread further, and last week I talked to my cousin who still goes there, and the game is still in circulation, 2 years after it hasn't recieved an update. Since my high school years I've tried my hand at 6 games, of which only 1 was dropped due to loss of interest, but only 1 was finished the way I had in mind. The game that had the most impact on being spread around was my Stones!!! game, which I think bonus.com had a bit to do with. There is a big gap between my game dev times and you can all blame that on linux. I am one of the few that tried it not out of discontent, but out of curiousity, and to this date I have tried over 15 different distros, having arch and EvilE being of my favorite.

To end this I'll put my todo list:
-Do Physics homework
-Post about game I'm making in journal
-Try to help EvilEntity devs in what ways I can
-Try out ubuntu
-Try a gentoo installation with extreme optimisation compile flags
-Attempt a LFS
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