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Red Storm first look

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Sea storm studios are working on our second game: "Red Storm", third if you count Life on the Line (now on hold), a top down shooter.

The first version is to be called "Infinite Mode" in which you have to survive as long as possible and rank enough the highest score.

Norton is a top office in ROOK, hates commies with a bitter passion. You can think of him like Captain America (or the comedian from watchman), except he doesn't follow any altruistic code, the ends justify the means, always. If he has the enemy by the the throat, he will snap it, if a terrorist takes a hostage he will shoot right through the hostage to get to the terrorist.

Firt version

Second version

The heads of State of the Kings Cross are almost totally corrupt, under the influence of the Shadow Council. Save for a small band of nationalists who are aware of the subversion and and are sick of it. There answer was to create ROOK, a black op unit that is dedicated to removing the cancer that is infesting society

ROOK Emblem
My version

Jingquans verion:
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