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Liquid Crack? ...Yessir!

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That little 5 hour energy drink is legal dope...right?

Over the last week or so I've been struggling trying to get "started" especially after work. I'm usually beyond tired, but yesterday I chugged one of those 5 hour energy bottles and after a few minutes I was in a groove, looked up and four hours quietly slipped by and I was still at it. All I gotta say about 5 hour is this, if you really have the inner desire to get some stuff done but are too damn tired to pull it together, stop by your local crack spot (7 Eleven) and get right LOL.

Disclaimer* "I am not a crackhead"

Anyway, I know I ranted a bit yesterday or was that the day before? About reading that data structures and algorithms book and it's use of SDL. Well, I've decided that I really have no interest whatsoever in learning SDL just to get through a book. I figured the best thing for me to do and would probably make the subject matter stick is just convert everything over to DirectX. The subject matter requires a certain level of focus (especially for me) without adding the overhead of reverse engineering another API no matter "how simple".

So...this morning, still pumped from the 5 hour energy drink (placebo effect) I found myself thinking about how to handle character animations and varying speeds in-game. When you fight it's never really at one particular speed and the action is not always constant. Some moves are faster than others and normal movements are just relatively slower than lets say an attack move.

Now, I know that you can control the speed of animations based on how many frames you add or remove but that is more relevant when working on a film whereas in a game too many frames for a move isnt that desirable (depending on the genre).

Further down the rabbit hole I go, still need to think about what I actually want and how to accomplish this. (More research needed)

Now to get my head wrapped around this little dilemma and because I was itching to code something, I whipped up a little demo. This simple framework features a character sprite (Cyclops from X-men) walk cycle. I'll definitely be doing a lot more tests like this as I continue to plan out my engine.

Speaking about sprites, thank God for these Mugen Character and Background packs. They will do nicely, until I start punching out my own artwork.

Below is a quick screen shot from the demo I created today. You can check out the YouTube video by click on the image if you like.


">Friggin Cyclops!
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