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I know it's not long since my first entry..

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Just wanted to share what's in my library(wall beside bed):
Linux Power Tools*
Linux Game Programming
Focus on SDL*
Isometric game programming with Direct X 7.0
C Primer Plus(3rd edition)*
Java Gently*
3D Game Art
Indie Game Development*
Unix unleashed*
C++ for Dummies-
Solaris 8 essential reference*
Windows NT Security Handbook-
Programming with Qt
Teach yourself Direct X 7 in 24 hours-
Java I/O-
Windows 2000 Developers guide-

ones marked with a * are ones I read and enjoyed, and the ones marked with a -
are ones I read part of but stopped because of how bad it was. Thinking of
either reading TANSTAAFL's Iso book or Linux Game Programming, haven't made my mind up yet..
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Most of the Linix/unix books are marked with a *, and the windows books are marked -. Coincidence?

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nah, no coincidence, the windows 2k dev guide and nt security books were really poorly written, msdn is a better reference than the win2k guide, the nt security book said what you needed to secure a system, but gave no way on how to do it, and the Direct X 7 in 24 hours book was nothing more than source code and an explanation. I only read the first part of Iso programming with Direct X 7 and it explains it better.

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Lots of incorrect information, and well it didn't explain things nearly as well as Stephen Prata's book does, other than that it was funny at times, but not really useful..

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