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Tangent: Method Tests Part 2

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Not much time for hobby this weekend. I managed to setup some delegates and make sure they work like they're supposed to. The example code, which includes infix delegates and a quick example of the partial application built into the language:

public static foo() => void{ print "foo.";}
public static bar(string s) => void{ print s;}
public static baz(string s, int i) => void{ print s i;}
public static phrase(string s) (int i) => void{ print s i;}
public static how now brown cow => void{ print "MOO!";}
public static test (int lhs) times (int rhs) => int{ return lhs * rhs; }
public static (int lhs) op (int rhs) => int{ return lhs * rhs; }
public static (string lhs) * (string rhs) => string{ return lhs + rhs; }
public static (string lhs) ++ (string rhs) => string{ return lhs + rhs; }
public static (int x) a b => int{ return x+5; }

public static delegate voidDel() => void;
public static delegate (string lhs) opDel (string rhs) => string;
public static delegate what now brown cow => void;
public static delegate cowDelegate cow => void;

public static main()=>void{
bar "moo.";
baz ("bleat.",6);
phrase "bleat." 42;

how now brown cow;

print test 4 times 6;
print 2 op 3;
print "moose:" * " umm. moose.";
print "moose:" ++ " umm. moose.";

//print 5 a b; // bug #37

voidDel = foo;

opDel = +;
print "moo" opDel "cow";

opDel = ++;
print "bleat" opDel "sheep";

what = how;
what now brown cow;

cowDelegate = how now brown;
cowDelegate cow;

voidDel = ()=>void{ print "llllama."; };

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