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Tangent: Little fixes.

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A number of little bug fixes tonight. A little added functionality.

This used to be broken, but now works:

public class int{
public this is even => bool { ... }

Name resolution on .NET types failed if I tried to do it early on in compilation. (fixed)
Making a method group of 'this' methods didn't properly include the instance when invoked (fixed)

And now that statics work, I added the capability to the .NET importer to try and import static members of a type. It doesn't work yet for the built in types (int/string/float). Mostly I did it to get the Console goodness available. The importer can't deal with the param modifier so only the one arg Console.WriteLines get into the environment. Also missing is operator overloads. Still, a lot more programs become viable now that Tangent apps can read user input (though without meaningful string manipulation, it's still rather hamstrung).
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