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Tangent: Improved .NET Imports

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Minor update. The built-in types now are imported fully from whatever .NET assemblies you have rather than hard-coded into the language. The current importer can deal with any type that has a default constructor, or is static/abstract/etc, or is System.String. It imports the default constructor and any (instance or static) fields, methods, indexers and properties on the type that are comprised of only types it can deal with.

Currently it does not look at all to overloaded operators, enums, or delegates (it might do delegates, but not correctly if it does). It will handle generic types, but not any constraints on them (and statics on generic types prolly don't work).

And non-standard constructors are out.

Still, a step in the right direction. Mostly, this enhancement will allow string manipulation which is important for demo/example programs.
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