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Still Spring Break

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BASIC to C++ Compiler

Input BASIC Code:

LET x = 39 * 2
PRINT "Hello, World!", 50+1, x
IF 5+5 > 123 THEN PRINT "Testing"
INPUT x, a, b

Output C++ Code:

//Begin Intro Segment
using namespace std;
int main()
//End Intro Segment
//Begin Variable Segment
int x = 0; int a = 0; int b = 0;
//End Variable Segment
//Begin Generated Code Segment
x = 39 * 2;
cout << "Hello, World!" << 50+1 << x;
if(5+5 > 123){ cout << "Testing";}
cin >> x >> a >> b;
//End Generated Code Segment
return 0;

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Hurrah for BASIC. [smile] This looks like an interesting project.

With regard to your last entry on implicit conversions, I agree that implicit narrowing conversions (float to int) and lack of a proper Boolean type aren't great, but I don't see the problem with implicit widening conversions (int to float). I rather like the way C#/.NET handles this, with the ability to declare both implicit and explicit conversion operators.

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