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Bugs Suck

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Monday, October 4th

Weh. I started working on my wonderful log reporter when disaster struck in the form of a bug in my button object. Seems something funky is going on when I copy button objects. It lets me click a button once but after that the button refuses to display its "down" state, even though it will happily display it's "over" state. I threw my hands up in dispair after and hour and watched Return of the Jedi on DVD instead. I feel much better now [smile] I only worked on it for about two-three hours total today, since I had to do the newsletter, among other things. But I got this much up and running

So I've noticed a lot of journal updates have been going on recently. I couldn't even see mine anymore from the top of the page when I came here to post. Good stuff.

Well, I guess it's off to bed, and then another busy day...
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