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Kasamba Saga, Continued

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The problem, as posted on the board:

Need help with a program.....

i must develop a program that asks user to enter decimal integer from 0 to 255 and produce binary octal and hexadeciam equivalent of the decimal integer and display results using a "for" loop and "logical" and "

and today I'll share some of the responses from other developers:

I have been working in C++ for the last five years.I can make this program in no time so contact me as soon as possible.

Dear msdogan,
I have the code ready with me. Please hire me soon to get started.My code is extensively commented so that you understand the concepts better.

Waiting for your reply,

Now, this is obviously a homework assignment, as it would ordinarily be a three line program, and have no need if for loops and logical ands. The printf function allows us to use %o and %x to print numbers in octal and hex. Additionally, it i sort of silly to use a for loop for a number that can have at most three digits! 377 is the octal equivalent of 255 decimal, and the job is even simpler in hex as it would only require 2 digits max.

So it's a good thing that the first respondent has five years of experience, because this assignment is going to be tough! Don't know if he'll be able to handle it.

I don't know if I even want to respond to this one, because it is so incredibly contrived as to not be worth doing, but at the same time, I feel the need to deprive someone in india of their supper. Choices, choices.
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You should go ahead and figure out a version that uses for loops and such as specified, then post it as an answer for free. Spoil the fun of all those idiots offering a solution for $10, $15 or whatever.

On a side note, I find the whole thing idiotic and faintly hysterical. Not only is it a damned joke that some idiot would rather cheat and contract help to do his homework for him on such a simple question, there are also a dozen pathetic idiots of a different stripe lined up and panting to do it for him for 10 bucks. This says something about the world, I'm sure of it. I just don't want to think too deeply about what, exactly, it says.

Hmmmmm... it seemeth to me that website offers all sorts of splendid trolling opportunities, were one of a suitably evil nature.

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I vote you for the GDNet Journal Awards 2004 prize [grin] ...or I would if it existed

I wonder how much money these guys in India actually make from kid's homework assignments? That site sounds worse than Experts Exchange for competitiveness.

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Dear Tanstaafl,

I have your next journal entry ready with me. Please hire me soon to get started. My entry is extensively detailed so that others understand the concepts better.

Waiting for your reply,

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