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Some more GDC

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Fairly slow day today; had the second session of the AI roundtable this morning, followed by a lot of lurking around on the expo floor and trying to resist the temptations over at the bar.

Things should pick up a bit over the afternoon, though.

I'd be more specific as to what I've been doing, but my brain is in autopilot and refuses to respond to my requests for coherency. Therefore, you'll have to wait until after the con before I get all my stuff written up.

Rest assured, though, that once said writeups become available, you will be drowning in awesomesauce.
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I follow your updates constantly, and I'm very impressed on your work with Epoch, congratulations. I was kind of wondering about the technical aspect of parallelization, maybe I missed the answer somewhere. I understand it is achieved with 'tasks'. These tasks, in low-level, are native threads, processes, green threads, or a combination of all those?

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