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I have decided...

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Well, I made up my mind what I want to do and the 2D fighting game isn't holding my interest. Right now I dont think it would be something that I would finish because I have done KOF ports and others. Not to mention I already have design doc's created from the past blah blah blah.

So what I have decided on is a platform game and what Im thinking of is a cross between Earthworm Jim & Contra Hard Corps. What makes this appealing to me is that for one I have to design it and that will hold my interest.

Secondly, I can make some pretty nifty (unrealistic) characters for the game using my 3D skills. But...the game is still going to be a 2D style platformer. Aside from my game design skills I really want to show off my animation skills with this game...that is going to be pretty cool.

So my evil plan is this:

1. Start on the 2D game engine
2. Start sketching out the main char/ bosses & level's
3. Start desiging the game

*That should get me going but the order in which I work could vary each day depending on how I feel.

Now I actually feel like I have something I want to do :)

Oh I forgot to mention...Im seeing the whole thing celshaded...old school looks really work for me!

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1. start the game
2. start the artwork and levels
3. start the design document

It's like you don't even plan to finish this...

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