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It's Too F**kin Cold!!

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Tuesday, October 5th

Good lord! www.weather.com lists the current temperature in my area as 37 degrees farenheight! Ack! Now imagine that while riding on a motorcycle with no leather jacket. Just a shirt, sweatshirt, and windbreaker. Ouch. It was bearable, but only barely so. Just barely. Luckily I had my winter gloves, and I had a hoodie on my sweatshirt that I stuck in my helmet to keep my face warm. But still. Frikin COLD!! I guess I'll have to get my leather riding jacket sooner than I expected.

So anyways tonight was something of a fiasco. I went to the gym as always to hang out with my coach buddies, and as we were leaving to go to Dennys, one of them spilled his bike pulling out of the gym parking lot. This is a guy that does wheelies and stoppies while yawning. And he goes and spills doing like 25mph pulling out of a parking lot. See, that's when it gets you. so I had to drive him to Dennys on the back of my bike - no biggie. We get back from eating and fix up his bike so that it's running again, then proceed to change the spark plugs in his bike and my other friend's. Then there's this whole 2-hour mess of getting teh gas tank off to reach the spark plugs and not having the right tools, etc etc. SO we finally get them changed, and then riding home he starts having trouble with his engine. Bad spark plugs? Or did we screw up the fuel lines while messing with the gas tank? So I had to follow him home to make sure he made it ok. Luckily he doesn't live too far away.

*phew* what a night. And now it's friggin almost 7am and I have to be at work at 1pm

Ain't that a bitch.

So I'm going to drag my tired and cold self underneath my nice warm blankets and go to sleep, and dream about my new riding jacket.
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Well I have a colleagues virus-ridden Windows 98 box to contend with when I get home. Damn thing doesn't even boot and he wants data recovered from it. I think London during the time of the "Black Death" had less infections.

Which sounds the least fun? At least you got to get dirty [rolleyes]

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