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too much OO

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Sometimes I wonder if I'm just to much of an OO programmer. For the company I'm working for I'm currently working on some modifications that are necessary to push our applications to the next level. Unfortunately, there are two ways to do this : the right and the wrong way.

The wrong way would be to take the current application and hack in the modifications that are needed. This would reduce the development time but would also prevent to make the system as a whole as flexible as possible.

The right way would be to lay down the structure that is needed to reproduce the behaviour our applications need and to determine which design patterns would best fit into that. But, and this is a big but (not butt), to my current knowledge this would mean that we'll have to rewrite a major part of our tools and applications. Some would be glued together, some dropped and some very small, stand alone tools which can be used for other purposes would be created.

So, I'm sitting here, figuring out the structures that would get us maximum flexibility and best improvement possibilites and not knowing if this is what the company really needs. Unfortunately, my project manager and the head of development are both on holidays. Argh...
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Keyword: tradeoffs. In software the right and wrong ways are not so clearly defined. You're going to have to give a little and take a little from both ends of the spectrum. Consider one approach to refactor the areas that are more isolated than others, while simply modifying and doing what you need to do to the more tightly coupled areas. Another approach might be to do the same thing, but with areas of high defect density vs. low defect density. Just some thoughts, anyway. Trying to refactor the entire software is going to be more trouble than it's worth in the end.

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