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Star Trek: Coming to a soft drink near you!

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Hooray. Mithrandir has the idea of releasing a lot of high velocity ball bearings in the lowe orbit to make the space more dangerous, and Tiffany just mentioned 7up giving vouchers to download the space (may or may not be exactly what she said)

You know, if we ever make one of those giant space robotic galactic station like the one in Star Trek (yuck), or Pillar of Automn (awesomeness), or something of that sort, what are we ever going to do with it? Given that it will take off the ground (or you just build it up there in the space)

Random American-Korean banana: "I have an idea, let's throw anti-matter bombs (news report from AFRL/DOD) on Iran! ker ker ker ^_^!!~"

Captain: "Who let a Korean in the space station?"

Cadett: "Sir, we have to be politically correct, otherwise they will sue us for not having enough inferior races or women (also inferior) in the giant space craft. Besides, this guy drank some 7up because he thought it would get him some skanky slutty white chicks like the commercials, and instead he won a trip to space while staying a virgin"

Captain: "Ok, but what the fuck is Mithrandir doing here?"

Cadett: "He paid us so he can play marbles in the space. Except that his marbles are more like ball bearings, and he has a LOT of them, must be one hell of a marble game"

Ronald Penton: "I LIKE POOP"

Other Captain: "Gentlemen, we're going on a mission. It is likely that one of us is going to DIE!!!!"

Everyone: "nooooooo!"

Ok, I suck at script writing.
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Mithrandir: Muahahahahahaha... my evil plans have almost come to fruition! Soon, SPACE TERRORISM shall rule the world, and the EVIL CORRUPT CAPITALIST EMPIRES shall rue the day they ever vexxed me, MITHRANDIR!

Captain: My God... He's mad!


Mithrandir runs towards the cargo hatch release panel, as the camera turns to slow motion.


Captain dives in front of mithrandir, but only manages to trip him, sending Mithrandir flying into the control panel, releasing the cargo hatch.

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If I were in space, I would probably spend all my time eating chips and humming the soundtrack to 2001.

And possibly freeing ant farms and making inanimate carbon rods into heroes by bludgeoning space-terrorist Mithrandir with them.

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[...]Other Captain: "Gentlemen, we're going on a mission. It is likely that one of us is going to DIE!!!!"[...]

You got it all wrong, it should be:

Other Captain: "Gentlemen, we're going on a mission. It is certain that you, in the red shirt, are going to die!"

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